AgriTech is an Crop quality monitor with automation capabilities. It offers a wide range of agricultural quality parameters. AgriTech consists of various sensors such as humidity sensor, moisture sensor, and weather condition monitor that can help in maintaining the quality of crops.


  Harvesting support.

  Temperature detection.

  Moisture and Humidity detection.

  Weather condition detection.

  Remotely controlled irrigation.

  Water & electricity wastage detection and alert.

AFM (Agriculture & Farming Management) is GenOrion's automated CRM system that provides support to systemize all the work like Milking, Feeding & Environmental Control to maximize productivity and also helps in everyday decision making and management.One can keep track of the number of animals at a farm, costing and performance metrics as well as predictive financial statistics.


  Better operation management.

  Effective cost management.

  Sales & Purchase managemnet.

  Better distribution & production process.

Gen-Tag will contain a unique identification number of an individual in barcode/QR code as well as with the RFID which, when scanned will provide all the relevant and previous information related to that individual cattle. The tag can be pierced to the ear or may be tied to the neck of the animals.


  Geo-location tracking.

  Identification according to breed, color, etc.

  Record Maintainance.

Gen-Tracker It keeps track of animal's health and feeding records, wherewith the help of our technology one can virtually monitor and systemize the activities of animals’ daily routines with automatic AI-based trackers. The majority of wearable devices for livestock are used to monitor health conditions in order to identify animals that may be coming down with something unsettling. It also provides the tracking ability to farmers for cattle’s continuous activities.


  Health Monitor

  Health record management.

  IoT-based Husbandry control and monitoring.